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Moonrise Mug 'Hong Kong'


Born in the 1980s British Hong Kong periods, we are grown up and surrounded by the strong colonial aesthetics. Walking around neighborhoods in Sheung Wan was our favorite thing to do in Hong Kong. Rise to the Mid-levels to admire the many handsome classically-inspired Edwardian buildings and façades, the unique blend of colonial style architectures with traditional Chinese words is always fascinated us. We hope to capture this bit of fading colonial charm in crafting the mug details and 香港 typography style. To reconnect to the colonial British Hong Kong that we are grown up in, and to remind our next generations this piece of fading culture through the everlasting ceramics. 

 Hand thrown in black clay and glazed in HAMA signature fine texture white glaze 'Moonrise'. 

Measures approximately  10.5W x 7D x 11.5H cm

  • The size and detail of same pottery items may be slightly varied, since every part is handmade.
  • All items are dishwasher and food safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash with care.
  • For more information please get in touch.