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HAMA x GOOD GOOD Moonrise hare rabbit special


A special set of Moonrise hare rabbit pair mugs and GOOD GOOD 61% dark chocolate cocoa mix, celebrating the launch of new hare rabbit item.

Moonrise hare rabbit mugs, hand thrown in black clay, with the hare rabbits engravings and glazed in HAMA signature fine texture white glaze 'Moonrise'. Together with the bottle of 100g 61% dark chocolate cocoa mix, handmade by our dear friend GOOD GOOD. The perfect match for every morning and winter nights!


  1. Moonrise hare rabbit mug x 2 (body size: approx. Ø6.5 x 10.5 H cm, 250ml)

  2. GOOD GOOD 61% dark chocolate cocoa mix, 100g x 1

  3. Fog Linen Work mango wood tea spoon x 1

Limited quantity of 5 sets. Self pick up at HAMA store on or before 12 March

Terms & Conditions

  • The size and detail of same pottery items may be slightly varied, since every part is handmade.
  • We do not offer refunds for purchased goods. We’re happy to assist you in person to complete an exchange for in-store purchases or pickup.