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Handle 3 Plaster Mould


Handbuilding is a pottery making technique involves creating forms with hands, fingers and tools. We love to explore new methods and tailor made tools for more uniqueness, hence produces this series of mould made from idea sketches, 3D computer rendering to the final moulds. The size, proportion, form and flow of curves are carefully designed for the handles. It is practical and personal with a touch of style. 

Mould dimensions: 72mm x 132mm x 30mm

Finished Handle dimensions: Approx. 55mmD x 110mmH

Each mould is made to order. We aim to delivery within 20 working days after the date of order, excludes weekend and bank holidays. Since it's freshly made, please wipe away the excess plaster powder with slightly wet towel before use.

Demonstration of making 6 different styles of handles video